Our Company

Founded in 2014, Jetstone Asset Management (UK) LLP is a boutique multi-asset management firm, deploying a globally risk-diversified systematic strategy and specialising in deep research, quantitative analysis & technology.  


Our Research

We will ensure our success through truly innovative research and trading strategies. We believe the economy is a multi-disciplinary phenomenon and we need to look beyond rigid and dated economic and mathematical assumptions to advance. Rather, our thesis is to look at financial markets from the lens of not only mathematicians and domain experts, but also cognitive and behavioural scientists, physicists, biologists, social physicists and anthropologists.


Our People

We are proud of our diverse, dynamic culture and ways of working which combine the best of technology startups and asset management firms... but with more hoodies/T-shirts. We value extreme curiosity, tenacity, rigour, transparency, innovation, collaboration and approaching each problem from first principles. We have a lively social side including team problem-solving, a running club, squash club and an academy. We use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to drive the achievement of “moonshots” and to broaden our peripheral vision. Our diverse team comes from VC-backed startups, academia, technology innovators as well as leading asset management firms. We are united by a passion for experimentation and solving the hardest problems in finance.


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